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Sickle Cell is vastly underfunded. Children and families are going through immense devastation and heartbreak. Your support means we can help more families as they navigate life with this condition.

One-Off Donations

£30 will fund a Winter Wellness Box that includes a wearable hot water bottle, immune-boosting vitamins, affirmation cards, essential oils.

£30 will fund a Hospital kit bag that includes a children's activity bag (with pain distraction toys), slippers, essential oils, toothbrush, paste, shower gel.

£100 - will fund a Nutrition Consultancy course over 3 months.

Monthly Donations

£5 per month will fund access to the Crescent Kids Sickle Cell Companion app

£10 per month will fund 1 Child to attend the Crescent Kids Wellness Monthly Bootcamp

£15 per month will fund a portable hand warmer or wearable hot water bottle

£20 per month will fund the Crescent Kids Research projects as set out in our 21/22 priorities